Complete Your full 60 credits for ICF Diploma

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Transform. Inspire. Change Lives.


Starting Jan. 26, 2020

Do you want to complete 60 credits for the full ICF Accreditation?

Would you like to learn from one  of the leading therapist/coaches in the frum community?

Do you want to enrich your Marriage knowledge with individual coaching skills?

If you want to feel good and help others feel even better and achieve their goals, then coaching is an opportunity to make a difference. Think Good/Viktor Frankl © Coaching Programs are designed to give you the personal power to change your life and those around you 


All training programs are based on the most advanced principles of coaching including:


  • Solution-Focused Coaching

  • Positive Psychology

  • Torah Psychology

  • Logotherapy (Viktor Frankl)

  • How to Motivate Clients

  • Think Good and It Will Be Good - (Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch LMFT)


The course will offer live Internet-based Video instruction with Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, LMFT, every Sunday for 15 weeks (schedule adjusted for holidays). Texts, Powerpoints, video presentations, live Q & A and role playing sessions will be a part of the training sessions.  

Watch Week 3 on the Viktor Frankl Coaching Program 

Applying Logotherapy in Coaching 

Viktor Frankl on Setting Goals



On the Think Good/Viktor Frankl © Coaching Program you will the learn the keys to coaching and counseling skills to help both individuals and couples including:


Course Overview

Core Coaching Skills:


  1. Welcoming the Group/Intro to Coaching

  2. Creating the Coaching Relationship, Active Listening and Rapport Building

  3. The Coaching Process

  4. Positive Psychology/Viktor Frankl in Coaching

  5. Powerful Questions/ Solution-Focused Coaching

  6. Torah-based Coaching

  7. Positive Thinking Techniques 

  8. Motivational Interviewing (MI)

Application & Specializations: 

   9. Coaching Adolescents

 10. Coaching for Marriage and Dating

 11. Coaching Parents

 12. Fitness/Wellness Coaching

 13. Strategic Planning Coaching in Business

Building Your Practice:

 14. Building Your Practice

 15. Ethics in Coaching



Think Good/Viktor Frankl © Coaching Programs are certified by the International Coaching Federation and provide up to 30 hours of instruction towards certifying as a life coach. For more info on certification ACC Portfolio Path, click here or call Rabbi Schonbuch at 646-428-4723. 


Training Programs/Dates/Costs


The 15-week program begins on Sunday Jan. 26, 2020

Tuition is regularly $2500. After a 40% alumni discount tuition is only $1500 or $1500 paid in 4 monthly installments of $375. 

What Students are Saying:

"This program has been very important for my personal and professional life. It has a tremendous potential in different areas of life. I look forward to specializing in the coaching areas I’m interested in.


Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, LMFT, Is a very experienced therapist and coach and has practical, down to earth knowledge as well as conceptual knowledge of human psychology and motivation."

Sara Meira Gootblatt, Brooklyn

"Hi. I just wanted to tell you that I'm listening to the recording of Class 6 and I'm literally breathless and have no words to comment on how powerful and full of real Torah Hashkofah that class was.


This is one class that I wish every BMG student (and really any frum person) would hear. The short episodes and real-life lessons showing the power of Emunah!!! Wow!!! That lesson is worth millions!!!"

M.S., Lakewood, NJ


"The coaching program has exceeded my expectations in providing me the knowledge base and teaching me the coaching and counseling skills to help my future clients.


Not only is it providing me with the tools I will need to help others, but the program has been instrumental in improving the relationship that’s around me including family members and loved ones. It has been an invaluable in I approach each day.

Izzy Leizerowitz, Monsey