Are you looking to help people heal from trauma, stress disorders, somatic pain and anxiety? 


Do you want to learn how to apply the most advanced mind/body & soul healing methods based on psychology, physiology, neuroscience, and Jewish healing practices?

Become an accredited life coach helping people overcome trauma and isolation, especially during the Covid 19 crisis


On the Viktor Frankl Mind/Body & Soul Trauma-Healing Life Coach Program, you will learn how to help individuals identify how they hold on to trauma, stress and pain; find their inner child, reduce pain with the Sarno method, reorganize and desensitize their traumatic beliefs (EMDR), relax through biofeedback and breathing exercises, and increase their sense of well being through increasing their Emunah based on:


  • Trauma and the Mind/Body Connection (Dr. Van der Kohl)

  • Somatic Experiencing (Dr. Peter Levine)

  • Neuroplasticity

  • Healing with Creativity

  • Heal Your Inner Child (John Bradshaw)

  • Sarno Method

  • EMDR/EFT Tapping

  • Trauma-Focused CBT 

  • Biofeedback (HRV) and Breathing Techniques

  • Healing With Emunah and Torah Sources

  • Viktor Frankl / Logotherapy


* Accredited for 30 credits from the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

   and 36 CEU's for Social Workers/MHC/LMFT. 

The course will offer live webinar-based instruction with Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, LMFT, for 15 weeks (schedule adjusted for holidays). Texts, Powerpoints, video presentations, live Q & A and role playing sessions will be a part of the training sessions. 


Viktor Frankl Mind/Body & Soul
Trauma-Healing Life Coach Program

A Neuroscientific approach to Heal Trauma, Stress Disorders & Somatic Pain

Using the Sarno Method, Somatic Experiencing, Healing with Creativity,

Inner Child Work, EFT Tapping


Starting Jan. 5, 2021


Accredited by ICF and up to 36 CEUs for Therapists



On the Viktor Frankl Mind/Body/Soul Trauma-Healing Life Coach Program you will learn the core coaching skills to help heal trauma including:

Course Overview


  1. Mind/Body Connection & Overcoming Trauma (The Body Keeps the Score: Dr. Van Der Kolk, Sarno Method)

  2. Releasing Trauma with Somatic Experiencing I (Dr. Peter Levine)

  3. Releasing Trauma with Somatic Experiencing II

  4. Biofeedback I (HRV & Breathing Techniques)

  5. EMDR/EFT Tapping I 

  6. EMDR/EFT Tapping II

Mind and Emotions

  7.  Narrative Based Trauma Coaching I

  8.  Narrative Based Trauma Coaching II

  9.  Healing the Inner Child I (Dr. John Bradshaw - Homecoming)

 10. Healing the Inner Child II

 11. Recovering Your Inner Child (Dr. Lucia Capacchione)


 12. Man's Search for Meaning I (Viktor Frankl)

 13. Man's Search for Meaning II (Viktor Frankl)

 14. Healing With Emunah/Forgiveness/Gratitude I

 15. Healing With Emunah/Forgiveness/Gratitude II

Certification and CEUs


You will receive full certification as a Viktor Frankl Mind/Body/Soul Trauma-Healing Life Coach Program from the Torah Psychology School of Coaching and Counseling. We are also certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and provide up to 30 hours of instruction. For more info on the optional ICF certification ACC Portfolio Path, click here or call Rabbi Schonbuch at 646-428-4723. 


We also provide up to 36 CEUs for Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors (LMHC), and LMFTs. 

Training Programs/Dates/Costs

The 15-Week Program starts Tuesday Jan. 5 2021, and meets on Tuesdays from 7-9pm EST via zoom. 


Tuition is only $1500! (50% off regular tuition of $3000).  Tuition can be paid in one payment of $1500 or 4 monthly payments of $375!

Recovering from Trauma - Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, LMFT

How the Body Releases Trauma - Dr. Peter Levine

Reorganizing the Nervous System - Dr Stephen Porges

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