Free Course on Reducing Anxiety &

Positive Thinking


with Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, LMFT

Weeknights 8pm EST

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Viktor Frankl on Setting Goals

What Students are Saying:

"This program has been very important for my personal and professional life. It has a tremendous potential in different areas of life. I look forward to specializing in the coaching areas I’m interested in.


Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, LMFT, Is a very experienced therapist and coach and has practical, down to earth knowledge as well as conceptual knowledge of human psychology and motivation."

Sara Meira Gootblatt, Brooklyn

"Hi. I just wanted to tell you that I'm listening to the recording of Class 6 and I'm literally breathless and have no words to comment on how powerful and full of real Torah Hashkofah that class was.


This is one class that I wish every BMG student (and really any frum person) would hear. The short episodes and real-life lessons showing the power of Emunah!!! Wow!!! That lesson is worth millions!!!"

M.S., Lakewood, NJ


"The coaching program has exceeded my expectations in providing me the knowledge base and teaching me the coaching and counseling skills to help my future clients.


Not only is it providing me with the tools I will need to help others, but the program has been instrumental in improving the relationship that’s around me including family members and loved ones. It has been an invaluable in I approach each day.

Izzy Leizerowitz, Monsey