4 Reasons People Get Divorced

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Become a Marriage and Intimacy Coach starting June 9 https://www.torahpsychology.org/marriagecoaching

Viktor Frankl Marriage & Coaching Program

Starting June 9

Do want to learn how to help couples improve their marriage and intimacy?

Are you a Rabbi/Rebbetzin, Shaliach, Chosson/Kallah Teacher, Shadchan, or other looking to improve your coaching and motivation skills?

Do you want to be trained & supervised by Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, LMFT, the leading marriage therapist in the Orthodox Jewish community?

On the Viktor Frankl Marriage and Intimacy Coaching Program, you will learn how to help couples improve their marriage by developing effective communicate skills and behaviors to increase love and affection. Coaching can help couples listen and understand each other's needs, create an environment of emotional openness, resolve conflict, and develop more intimacy. All training programs are based on the most advanced principles of marriage coaching including:

  • Emotionally Focused Couples Coaching

  • John Gottman's "7 Principles to Making Marriage Work"

  • Logotherapy (Viktor Frankl) for Couples & Intimacy

  • Advanced Communication Skills (Imago)

  • 5 Love Languages 

  • Learning when to refer to therapists and medical professionals 

* Accredited for 30 credits from the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

The course will offer live webinar-based instruction with Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, LMFT, every Sunday for 15 weeks (schedule adjusted for holidays). Texts, Powerpoints, video presentations, live Q & A and role playing sessions will be a part of the training sessions. 


On the Viktor Frankl Marriage and Intimacy Coaching Program you will learn the core coaching skills to help marriages including:

Course Overview

  • Intro to Marriage and Family Coaching

  • Theories in Family Dysfunction and Resilience (Pia Mellody, Murray Bowen)

  • Coaching Parents and Children

  • Attachment Theory and Intimacy (John Bowlby)

  • Communication

  • Marriage Coaching I: John Gottman & 7 Principles

  • Marriage Coaching II: Emotionally Focused Coaching (Sue Johnson)

  • Coaching Dating and Older Singles

  • Marriage Coaching Workshop (Getting Closer)

  • What is Intimacy? / Torah and Intimacy (Viktor Frankl)

  • Intimacy Coaching I

  • Intimacy Coaching II

  • Viktor Frankl, Intimacy & Coaching

  • Physical, Emotional & Traumatic Issues in Intimacy

  • Overcoming Substance and Internet Addiction



*The Viktor Frankl Marriage and Intimacy Coaching Program is certified by the International Coaching Federation and provides up to 30 hours of instruction towards certifying as a life coach. For more info on certification ACC Portfolio Path, click here or call Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch at 646-428-4723. 

Training Programs/Dates/Costs

Separate Programs for Men and Women

The 15 week program begins on June 9, 2019

Tuition is $2500 or $2500 paid in 4 monthly installments of $625.


After the completion of the 15-week program, Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, LMFT, will offer webinar-based ongoing group supervision where marriage and intimacy coaches can share their challenges, learn new techniques, and better-serve the couples they are working to help. 

Apply Now at https://www.torahpsychology.org/marriagecoaching