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Coaching Success Story

Danit Schusterman: Transformational Life Coaching Graduate Speaks About Her Successful Coaching Practice


Last year, Danit Schusterman, a popular teacher in a girl’s school, graduated from the Viktor Frankl Transformational Life Coaching Program and started her own coaching company. She speaks about how the course changed her life.


Why did you take the course?


I’ve always been fascinated with Viktor Frankl’s Logotherapy. I am a researcher by nature and love learning about different psychologies and approaches to life. I often found myself helping others through difficult challenges and when I saw that Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, LMFT, a very highly respected therapist, was offering the Viktor Frankl Transformational Life Coaching Program, (accredited by the ICF!), it just seemed like a fantastic opportunity that I did not want to pass up.


What was your experience like at the Transformational Life Coaching program?


I found myself looking forward to each week when we would all meet on Zoom. Each module was so interesting and engaging. The videos were great and I enjoyed how interactive it was.

The hours flew by and each week I walked away having learned so much. It was all fascinating and brilliant.


What new skills did you learn?


So many! I will highlight how I learned to make the most out of each coaching session: how to open and close each session leaving enough time for the client to share what’s on their minds and working together, they walk away with a solid game plan. Since coaching is not therapeutic, it is extremely solution oriented and I found it to be such a practical and productive way to help others.


How have you used the course to start your own coaching business?

I had already been helping parents navigate the educational system when their children were struggling at school, so from the moment I got my certification, I got right to work utilizing the skills we learned. I created a website as an Educational Life Coach, and before I knew it, I had back to back clients. I saw that there was a desperate need for parents to have someone

who is already involved in education helping them advocate for their child. I also noticed that when a child is struggling at school, no matter the age, it affects the parent-child relationship as well as the family dynamics. From my own experience and training, I have been able to help parents through these struggles as well, especially when conventional parenting advice just doesn’t do it.

Did the course prepare you to start your career as a coach?


The course gave me the skills and confidence I needed to put myself out there professionally and help the many parents and children who are going through this specific challenge. I recommend it to everyone I know as not only is it such an enjoyable course to work through, it has helped me so much in my own coaching career.

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Testimonials From Our Graduates

Accredited by the International Coaching Federation 


ABOUT US was created to promote the writings of Dr. Viktor Frankl, the eminent psychiatrist and author of 

Man's Search for Meaning. organizes conferences and training programs for the public and therapists/teachers/psychologists/physicians looking to enhance the teachings of meaning and positive thinking in their lives and for their children, students and clients. is directed by Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, LMFT, marriage and individual therapist and author of: Think Good and It Will Be Good & At Risk - Never Beyond Reach.

Our programs are accredited by the International Coach Federation and CEUs are available for Social Workers, MHCs, LMFTs. 


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Dr. Viktor Frankl 


A renowned therapist, author and coach who works with individuals, couples and families to overcome anxiety, depression, PTSD/trauma, codependence and find more meaning in their lives through the teachings of Dr. Viktor Frankl.

His books include: Think Good and It Will Be Good. 

For more  info about Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, LMFT, click here


"This program has been very important for my personal and professional life. It has a tremendous potential in different areas of life. I look forward to specializing in the coaching areas I’m interested in.


Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, LMFT, is a very experienced therapist and coach and has practical, down to earth knowledge as well as conceptual knowledge of human psychology and motivation."

Sara Meira Gootblatt, Brooklyn - Mind/Body/Soul Life Coaching Program Graduate

"Hi. I just wanted to tell you that I'm listening to the recording of Class 6 and I'm literally breathless and have no words to comment on how powerful and full of real Torah Hashkofah that class was.


This is one class that I wish every BMG student (and really any frum person) would hear. The short episodes and real-life lessons showing the power of Emunah!!! Wow!!! That lesson is worth millions!!!"

M.S., Lakewood, NJ - Life Coaching Program Graduate

"Thank you so much for a wonderful course. I really learned a lot and enjoyed each class! I'm looking forward to hearing more about supervision sessions, as I'm sure  there will be  a lot to learn.

I gained a new understanding of the principles that make a marriage thrive and how to resolve conflicts. These skills will help me in my work with women and girls."

Shaindy Perl, Monsey - 

Marriage & Intimacy Life Coaching Program Graduate                                                                        

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the informative marriage counseling program you taught us. The amount of material, the clear instructions, the fantastic books you recommended, created a springboard that will enable me to take what I learned and apply it in my practice. Thanks for providing our community with desperately needed resources for marriage and dating and relationship difficulties."

Rivkah Bineth, Toronto - 

Marriage & Intimacy Life Coaching Program Graduate                                                        



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