Viktor Frankl Addiction Recovery

Life Coaching Program

Starting July 5, 2021


Accredited by ICF and 30 CEUs for Therapists*

​Would you like to become an Addiction Recovery Life Coach helping others overcome their addictions?


Do you know a loved one or someone who struggles with Internet/Relationship, Alcohol, Drugs?

Do you want to change the lives of your family/community members using a Torah approach inspired by Viktor Frankl, Holocaust survivor and author of Man's Search for Meaning?

With an explosion of addictions facing so many families  you can learn how to make a difference. The Viktor Frankl Addiction Recovery Life Coaching Program is designed to give you the personal power to change the lives of countless individuals.

While a therapist might diagnose addictive behavior and prescribe treatment, this is not the coach’s focus. Instead, a coach will offer someone the tools and guidance needed to follow the path they’ve already chosen. This can include:

  • Offer guidance in developing new behavior patterns

  • Help create an effective  plan of action

  • Create accountability and support

  • Assist in harm reduction for addictive behaviors

  • Directing that person to the right medical/therapeutic resources 




​The course will offer live Internet-based Video instruction with Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, LMFT, for 15 weeks (schedule adjusted for holidays). Texts, Powerpoints, video presentations, live Q & A and role playing sessions will be a part of the training sessions.  ​


On the Viktor Frankl Addictions Recovery Life Coaching Program you will the learn the keys skills to coaching a wide range of addictions:

Course Overview

Core Coaching Skills:


  1. Introduction to Recovery Coaching 

  2. Addictions and Mood Disorders

  3. Understanding Diagnosis and Symptoms 

  4. Understanding Chemical and Behavioral Addictions 

  5. Understanding Anxiety/Depression/PTSD

  6. Communication Skills and Developing Rapport 

  7. Understanding and Maintaining Motivation

  8. Creating Individualized, Effective Goals and Service Plans 

  9. Understanding and Preventing Vulnerabilities in Recovery 

  10. Helping Clients Address Triggers and Cravings 

  11. Relapse Prevention 

  12. Self Help and Support Groups 

  13. Brief Interventions 

  14. Co-Dependency Overview 

  15. Ethics in Coaching and Counseling

*Certification and CEUs


You will receive full certification as a Viktor Frankl Addictions Recovery Life Coach from the Torah Psychology School of Coaching and Counseling.


We are also certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and provide up to 30 hours of instruction. For more info on the optional ICF certification ACC Portfolio Path, click here or call Rabbi Schonbuch at 646-428-4723. 

Training Programs/Dates/Costs


The 15-week program begins on Monday, July 5, 2021 and meets on Mondays from 7-9pm EST via zoom. 

50% Off!


Tuition is  only $1500 (50% off the regular $3000 tuition fee) or $1500 paid in 4 monthly installments of $375. 

Based on the ideas of:

Rabbi Dr. Avraham Twerski, z'l

Dr. Gabor Mate

Viktor Frankl on Setting Goals

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