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Audiovisual Conference

The Inner Child
Life Coaching Program

Starting Feb. 4, 2024

Do you want to help others uncover their inner child?

Would you like to learn how to explore child events and repair them?

Do you want be able to reduce the inner critic and unleash creativity?

If you want to feel good and help others, the Healing the Inner Child Life Coaching Program is designed to give you the personal power to change your life and those around you.

All training programs are based on the most advanced principles

of coaching including:


  • Recovery of your Inner Child (Lucia Capacchione, PhD)

  • Home Coming (John Bradshaw, PhD)

  • Pia Mellody (Facing Codependence

  • Memory Reconsolidation

  • Coherence Therapy (Bruce Ecker, LMFT)

  • Torah Psychology

  • Logotherapy (Viktor Frankl)\


The course will offer live Internet-based Video instruction with Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch, LMFT, for 15 weeks (schedule adjusted for holidays). Texts, Powerpoints, video presentations, live Q & A and role playing sessions will be a part of the training sessions.  




On the Think Good/Viktor Frankl © Coaching Program you will the learn the keys to coaching and counseling skills to help both individuals and couples including:

Course Overview

  1. Welcoming the Group/Intro to Coaching

  2. What is Inner Child Therapy?

  3. Getting in touch with the Inner Child (I)

  4. Getting in touch with the Inner Child (II)

  5. Using the non-dominant hand with the Inner Child -Capacchione (I)

  6. Using the non-dominant hand with the Inner Child (II)

  7. Family Secrets - The Path from Shame to Healing - Bradshaw (I) 

  8. Family Secrets - The Path from Shame to Healing (II)

  9. Facing Codependence Pia Mellody - (I)

  10. Facing Codependence (II)

  11. Shadow Work - Carl Jung (I)

  12. Shadow Work - Carl Jung (II)

Applications, Specializations 

 13. Coaching Adults 

 14. Coaching Teenagers 

 15. Ethics and Boundaries

*Certification and CEUs


You will receive full certification as Inner Child Life Coach from the Torah Psychology School of Coaching and Counseling.


We are also certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and provide up to 30 hours of instruction. For more info on the optional ICF certification ACC Portfolio Path, click here or call Rabbi Schonbuch at 646-428-4723. 

Training Programs/Dates/Costs


The 15-week program begins on Sunday, Feb. 4, 2024, and meets on Sundays from 10am-12pm EST via zoom. 

Tuition is only $1500 (50% off the regular $3000 tuition fee) or $1500 paid in 4 monthly installments of $375. 


Watch Week 3 on the Viktor Frankl Coaching Program 

Applying Logotherapy in Coaching 

Viktor Frankl on Setting Goals

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